The board of CERES includes representatives from all partner institutes as well as a limited number of independent members.

Prof.dr. G. Frerks – chair – (Utrecht University) g.frerks@uu.nl

Prof.dr. I.S.A. Baud (University of Amsterdam) i.s.a.baud@uva.nl

Prof. dr. B. Büscher (Wageningen University) bram.buscher@wur.nl

Prof. dr. J. Clancy (University of Twente) j.s.clancy@utwente.nl

Prof. dr. A.J. Dietz (Leiden University) a.j.dietz@asc.leidenuniv.nl

Prof. dr. T. de Herdt (University of Antwerp) tom.deherdt@uantwerpen.be

Prof.dr. W. Hout (Erasmus University Rotterdam) hout@iss.nl

Prof. dr. W. Naudé (University of Maastricht) Naude@msm.nl

Dr. L. Nencel (Vrije University Amsterdam ) l.s.nencel@vu.nl

Dr. L. Schulpen (Radboud University) l.schulpen@maw.ru.nl

Dr.H. Wels (Vrije University Amsterdam) h.wels@vu.nl