Message from the Director

The most important news to convey is that the 2018 PhD training programme of CERES commenced on March 5th in Utrecht. The present batch, twenty four eager faces in number, derives from several CERES member institutes and from a variety of countries. Contrary to earlier cohorts, Latin American countries now predominate, and no one seems to know why. Together with the new batch of trainees we also welcome two new trainers to the team: Dr Chris van den Borgh, from Utrecht University, and Dr Naomi van Stapele from Radboud University. They are working together with our ‘old hands’ – Prof. Han van Dijk (Wageningen University) and Dr Lorraine Nencel (Free University) – from whom they will take over in 2019. We wish all of them an inspiring training programme, and look forward to meeting the group again at the CERES Summer School, which will take place on June 14th, in Nijmegen. Please block the date!