Message from the Director

Wishing you a happy and a productive 2018! This year, CERES will be celebrating an important jubilee: having been established in 1994, we are completing 25 years of service to the community of scholars and practitioners in the field of international development! The summer school that will take place at Radboud University in June 2018 (date still to be finalized) will form an appropriate occasion to look back and reflect on our accomplishments.

This first newsletter of the year is composed by a new group of interns, all Master students IDS at the University of Amsterdam: Klaudia Prodani, Ingrid Díaz and Fabiana Vasconcelos. I am very grateful for their help! The content is similar to previous newsletters: interviews with an expert in the field (this time Danielle Hirsch of Both ENDS), a member of the alumni (Mercy Derkyi) and a PhD student who has taken part in the CERES PhD programme (Janvier Kini), plus the profile of one of the CERES member institutes (University of Antwerp, Institute of Development Policy and Management).