Ceres Summer School 2017: Presentation Abstracts

This Thursday, we will be gathering for the Ceres Summer School 2017. Here you can find the list of the presenters and their abstracts:

Author: Chava Acket

When disaster strikes: Assessing the interactions and coordination between small-scale aid organisations after the 2015 earthquakes in Rasuwa, Nepal.


Authors: M. Akhter, V. Geissen, C. Reitsema (Wageningen University) L. Fan (Henan Polytechnic University)

Vegetable Farmers Behavior and Knowledge Related to Pesticide Use and Related Health Problems: Case Study from Bangladesh.


Author: Joseph Edward Alegado (International Institute of Social Studies)

Raising the Bar: Towards a more coherent private sector framework on land governance in conflict and fragile areas.


Authors:  Annisa Joviani Astari (University of Twente), and Jon C. Lovett, (University of Leeds)

Globalization and Domestic Policy Change: Discourse Analysis on the New Mandatory Palm Oil Policy in Indonesia.


Author: D. Barirani (Utrecth University)

The Transformative Power of the Sustainable Development Goals: Creating an Integrative and Coherent Framework for Multilateral Agreements.


Author: Max Méndez Beck (University of Amsterdam)

Bridges to Babylon? Building State Legitimacy through Community Policing in Kingston, Jamaica


Author: Tonatiuh Belderbos (University of Amsterdam)

The impact of international branch campuses on the quality of the labour supply of higher educated individuals in Malaysia


Author: Jans Berden

Dilemmas and frictions inherent in humanitarianism and hospitality – volunteering in a Lebanese refugee camp


Author: Annick van Brouwershaven

Systems of categorisation and classification of African employees of the South African Human Rights Commission


Author: Floris Burgers (University of Amsterdam)

Learned helplessness and agricultural investment among small farmers: An experimental study in rural Uganda


Author: Maria Chiara Coppola

New actors in international solidarity: Operation Dove in a refugee camp in Lebanon


Authors: Sarah Cummings PhD, Barbara Regeer PhD and Leah de Haan and Prof. Joske Bunders PhD (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Critical discourse analysis of perspectives on knowledge and the knowledge society within the Sustainable Development Goals


Author: Karel van Dam (University of Amsterdam)

Drivers of Social Exclusion for Young People Leaving Care – The Case of SOS Children’s Villages in Aboisso, Côte d’Ivoire.


Author: Ekaningrum Damastuti (Wageningen University)

Community governance for sustainable natural resource management: A case study of mangrove management in Indonesia.


Author: Nguyet Dang (International Institute of Social Studies)

Development comes at a price: a case of state-led, large-scale farmland expropriation for urban expansion in Vietnam.


Author: Hellen Lillian Atieno Dawo (University of Twente)

Fostering Climate Resilience in Cities: An analysis of adaptive policy strategies to mitigate urban flooding by utilizing multifunctional systems.


Author:  Paulina Duque-Gomez (University of Amsterdam)

Transformation of livelihoods and experiences on social justice in conflict-affected settings. The case of the rural community of Pitacapacho, in Montes de Maria, Colombia


Authors: Des Gasper, Amod Shah, Sunil Tankha (International Institute of Social Studies)

Achieving Transformative Change? The Incorporation of Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Sustainable Development Goals.


Authors: Emanuele Fantini (Delft University), Hermen Smit (IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, The Netherlands)

Water accounting with a human face. Can global measurements on water sustainability and local perspectives on resource redistributions engage in a meaningful conversation?


Author: Louise Gibbs-Inkpen (University of Amsterdam)

The Citizen’s Other: An examination of human rights in La Linière humanitarian camp, France.


Author: Fleur van der Heyden

Connecting children to nature. A study of environmental education programs on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica


Author: Fenna Imara Hoefsloot (University of Amsterdam)

The power of imaginaries in steering environmental migration trajectories:  The role of comprehension, negotiation and transformation in individual migration decision-making processes.


Author: Laura Honders

Challenging the myths about sexuality and disability


Author: Dona Ismaili

Preparing children for life in a diverse society – suggestions for curriculum development


Author: Lisa Juanola (University of Amsterdam)

Early marriage in rural Senegal: uncovering young women’s agency.


Author: Denis Krnic

Challenging Mainstream Happiness Reports – The importance of socio-cultural contexts


Authors: Simon Kuijpers, Lau Schulpen, Maurice Gesthuizen, Marja Spierenburg, Peer Scheepers (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Responsible for whom? Contrasting Domestic and Global Philanthropy.


Author: Anna Kurth

The legitimation of volunteer services: Challenges in the South-North Weltwaerts program, Germany


Author: Gina M. Ledda (International Institute of Social Studies)

Productivity of Firms in Global Value Chains: An Inquiry into Publication Bias using Meta-Analysis.


Author: Jorge David Mantilla

Can water be for all? The politics of access to potable water in Cochabamba, Bolivia


Author: Oliver Mason

Permaculture and entrepreneurship in New Zealand


Author: Thais Cestari Miranda  (University of Amsterdam)

Creative economy initiatives, the right to the city and social inclusion: the case of the Mário de Andrade Public Library in São Paulo’s city centre.


Author: Hannah Nieswand (Student International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam)

Disaster Response Strategies of Earthquake Affected Households in Nepal.


Author: Zoe van Otterloo

The stick or the carrot? Challenging the Dutch social welfare system


Author: Manouk Lidy Overkamp

The ‘Blind Spot’ of International Cooperation: Why the (un)intended effects of interventions should be included


Author: Charlotte Prenen (University of Amsterdam)

Street Careers: An Ethnographic Study on Heterogeneous Experiences of Children in Street Situations in Tondo, Manila.



Author: Wouter Roos (University of Amsterdam)

Negotiating ideology: how members of hip hop based youth initiatives in Dakar have become street smart in a formal setting.


Author: Novita Putri Rudiany, Master Student of MA IRIO (University of Groningen)

Think Globally, Act Locally: A Lesson from Human Welfare and Development in Bantaeng, South Sulawesi.


Author: Myra Schmitz

Experiencing Untouched Paradise? An anthropological study of ecotourism in Costa Rica.


Author: Otto Spijkers (Utrecht University)

Public participation in the drafting of the Sustainable Development Goals: Did it bring the worlds of development and environment closer together?


Author: Thi Mai Lan Nguyen (International Institute of Social Studies)

A Meta-analysis on the impacts of monetary policy on aggregate demand and price level in emerging and developing countries.


Author: Tim van der Velden

Sleeping land’: oil palm production and changes in perspectives on land, Kepayang, Indonesia


Author: Andrea Adriana Vos (University of Amsterdam)

Getting her money’s worth? An Exploration of Women’s Integration in the Palm Oil Value Chain and the Effects on their Household Food Security.


Author: Yvette Wulffaert

The importance of community gardens in cities: Growing vegetables, creating social relations and the exchange of food and knowledge